Bloomberg Seeks $1.2 Billion in Cuts for Next Year

Michael Bloomberg wants to cut more than a billion dollars from next year’s budget, and $550 million from this current budget, according to a letter to the heads of city agencies (and reporters) this afternoon.


For the current year, Bloomberg is seeking to cut 1.5 percent from the Department of Education, 2 percent from “uniformed forces” and 4 percent from all other agencies.


For next year, Bloomberg wants 4 percent cuts from the Department of Education and uniformed forces, and 8 percent cuts from all other agencies. The cuts should lower the city’s budget by $1.2 billion, according to Page.


In the November 16 letter from the mayor’s budget director, Mark Page, to agency heads, it says, “The target can be met by reductions in personal service costs or other than personal service costs and/or assured, recurring revenue actions.”


Any requests for additional funding will have to be paid for, zero-sum, from within existing budgets.


Agency heads have until December 3 to submit their budget plans to the mayor, according to the letter.

  Bloomberg Seeks $1.2 Billion in Cuts for Next Year