Bloomberg v. Thompson: Round Two

On Monday, less than one week after his surprisingly narrow re-election, Mayor Bloomberg sued Bill Thompson.

Was the $100 million dollars he spent on his campaign not enough? Did Mr. Bloomberg decide to litigate some campaign affront from his erstwhile challenger?

No, it seems, the suit was filed by the Bloomberg administration against the comptroller’s office, and it concerned whether or not Mr. Thompson could hold a hearing on the wages for a position called “City Laborer.” The mayor seemed to think the position was outside the comptroller’s purview. Late Wednesday, a judge ruled for Mr. Thompson, who presumably would have preferred to win Round One last week.

Eliot Brown has more details.

Update: Wait, apparently the comptroller hasn’t won the second round yet. A spokesperson for the Law Department called Eliot Brown to say that the judge refused a temporary restraining order, which the city had asked for. So Mr. Bloomberg and Mr. Thompson will continue to spar, at least through legal surrogates.

Bloomberg v. Thompson: Round Two