Bloomberg Was ‘Mr. Everyman’ at Exclusive Paris Restaurant

So the mayor went to Paris the weekend after his dispiriting election for a quiet little dinner at Mon Vieil Ami on the Île St.-Louis. No such luck! The maître d’hôtel–and only the maître d’ according to the Times–recognized the mayor, and, curiously, the highly exclusive restaurant seems quite happy to talk about its celebrity guest in delectable detail.

The mayor and his party arrived at 7:30 p.m., and he began his meal with the pumpkin soup with hot oysters ($16.50), accompanied by a white Alsatian wine. His entree was an oven-cooked cocotte of seasonal vegetables and fish ($33), accompanied by the Côtes du Rhône.

I know this is good publicity for the restaurant–“He said [the dessert] was the best he’d ever had,” a spokesperson for Mon Vieil Ami humbly relayed to the Times–but isn’t it part of a maitre d’s job to keep things like this quiet?

Maybe this kind of luxury living doesn’t seem so bad in Paris, where former mayor Jacques Chirac is facing criminal charges for illegally using city money, while our one-dollar-a-year mayor is simply spending from his own vast fortune. Or perhaps the restaurant was just doing him a favor by saying that “he was Mr. Everyman that night.” Bloomberg Was ‘Mr. Everyman’ at Exclusive Paris Restaurant