Bloomberg’s Argument for Gun Control Critics

Last week, Rep. John Shadegg seemed to cross several rhetorical (and logical) red lines at once when he argued that Michael Bloomberg won’t be so tough about the prospect of having a terror trial here when his daughter is kidnapped by terrorist.

Today, Michael Bloomberg used an inoffensive, non-personalized version of a similar formula, when he said gun advocates might act support stricter gun control measures if they thought it affected them or their family personally.

“When you do these surveys, something like 82 percent of all gun owners and even 82 percent of NRA members favor reasonable restrictions on guns. Time to say ‘enough.’ I don’t know how many murders you have to have before people say ‘enough is enough.’ Or maybe they’ll start to realize that it could be them or their child,” Bloomberg said at a press conference in City Hall. Bloomberg’s Argument for Gun Control Critics