Candidate and Consultant Feud, Police Called

Not so much post-election etiquette on the South Shore of Staten Island, reports Tom Wrobleski:

Democrat Janine Materna’s campaign is considering suing its consulting firm, the Advance Group, for $1 million, and claimed that consultant Scott Levenson’s position with the controversial ACORN group was among the reasons Ms. Materna lost the South Shore City Council race.

“It’s because of him that Janine lost the election,” said Jodi Materna, her sister’s campaign manager.

She said the campaign did not know of Levenson’s ACORN affiliation and if it had, “we never would have hired him.”


Levenson said the campaign on Thursday paid him about $35,000, with $5,000 still owed. But Jodi Materna said Levenson is due nothing else and that some campaign costs are still “in dispute.”

The two sides had a heated meeting in Levenson’s Manhattan office on Thursday, with police eventually being called in. No arrests were made.

Said Levenson, “The lies and erratic behavior of the Materna family are nothing more than a scam to avoid paying their bills. It is an extreme case of sore loser.”

Candidate and Consultant Feud, Police Called