A fascinating video trip around the world

You probably haven’t spent much time thinking about the way you count your money. But according to this fascinating video , the methods you use can indicate the region of the world from which you hail.

In America, Canada and England, people tend to hold a stack of bills in their left hand and shuffle the money to their right. But, as this almost two-minute clip demonstrates, this is not necessarily the same as someone from Korea or Japan (a stack in the right hand, flipping down) or Turkmenistan (a laying-out, solitaire-like system). Some of these techniques appear to require some serious manual dexterity (and no one addresses what people who keep their money crumpled up in various pockets tend to do), and one wonders why, and how, such habits are so regionally distinct. Though what we really want to know, of course, is what happens to all those twenties!

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