Congratulations Governor Elect Christopher J. Christie

After several torturous months, New Jersey has new Governor, former US Attorney, Christopher J. Christie. Congratulations and God Speed.

Given the shape that this state is in, he will surely need it. Not only will he probably need some divine economic intervention, he will need all Republicans, conservatives and like minded Democrats to get behind him and make sure that the conservative platform on which he ran is accomplished.

Now, the most difficult of all chores begins, figuring out how to deal with the economic crisis facing the state of New Jersey.

There will be no end of suggestions, but we need to have some faith in the promises made by Mr. Christie. We need to look at this historic change as an opportunity to finally change how business is done in Trenton.We have seen an incumbent Governor defeated for re-election for only the second time in New Jersey history.

Ironically the last time it happened was 1993 and that governor also shared the name “Christie.” However, at that time, the legislature was in Republican control. The irony tonight is that while the Republican Gubernatorial candidate won handily, the Assembly Republicans took back only one seat. There were no coattails. Why?

Seems to me that another change is needed there as well because without a cooperative legislature behind him, the new Governor’s task becomes even harder. He needs people running the Assembly who know how to win elections and that is clearly, not the people currently in charge. It’s going to be a tough job dealing with Democrat majorities in both Houses of the Legislature.

After spending more than $1 million, the one seat that the Republicans picked-upwasn’t even the one they had targeted. Fortunately, a very talented operative put together a great campaign in the last month to pull out an unexpected win.

A second major congratulations has to go to Steve Lonegan for putting any personal animus behind him and coming to the requested aid of what appeared to be a floundering campaign. He stopped the bleeding and given the rapid support of conservative bloggers such as Michael Illions and others, he clearly became a significant factor in this election on very short notice.

Maybe politicians across the board will finally realize that the power of government rests with the people, not the political parties. It was the people who changed the face of New Jersey’s politics and it is the people who make the future, not political parties.

Let’s face it, President Obama is not about to come running to the assistance of our newly elected Governor. However, given Christie’s victory and the win in the Governor’s race in Virginia, it would seem that the electorate is sending a very clear message to the White House.

The message can be interpreted many ways, but clearly, people are fed up with rhetoric, empty promises and seeing their tax dollars squandered on massive bailouts. They are tired of the bully tactics of Pelosi and Reid and to coin a phrase, “they’re not going to take it anymore.”This victory’s message, along with Virginia is loud and clear. If you don’t listen to the people, you will be gone in short order.

There can be no doubt that there is anger on many levels and no matter what anyone wants to think, Chris Christie was in the right place at the right time. However, there is a very hard reality check that will happen very quickly.

The same way the national economic mess can no longer be blamed on former President Bush, with his first budget New Jersey’s economic situation becomes the burden of the newly elected governor. That is not meant to be any kind of criticism. What it is, is reality in that the electorate is angry and will place the blame at the feet of whoever is in office.

Given that both our national economics and NJ economics are in such abysmal shape, Governor-Elect Christie will have to have a plan in place very quickly because he will be expected, unfairly, to work economic miracles. Even if we have not seen any specifics to date, I’m sure they will appear in short order.

It is in all our best interest to get behind our new governor and insure that he succeeds.

It is not one person’s job and it is not one person’s responsibility. The job at hand is to work together for the betterment of all New Jersey and help our new Governor succeed. For, if he succeeds, we all are better off.

Governor, good luck and God Bless you as you move forward.

Congratulations Governor Elect Christopher J. Christie