Conservatives rejoice

PARSIPPANY — State Sen. Joe Pennacchio (R-Montville) stood in the hall with former Assemblyman Guy Gregg (R-WashingtonTownship) – two conservatives thrilled to see their party come out of the political wilderness with Chris Christie’s victory.

“I feel wonderful,” said Pennacchio, like Chis Christie a Morris County Republican. “A pro-life, pro-gun conservative in a blue state. How did that happen?”

Gregg, who went down in a primary in 2007 after an 18 year legislative career, noted that Christie is going to be the most powerful governor in the country, listing his powers come January.

“Veto. Conditional veto. Line item veto. You not only can just veto a bill, you can rewrite it and send it back. I’ve had it done to me so many times by both parties that I understand it. Between that and executive order, this is a huge change.” Conservatives rejoice