Credico for Senate, Comically

ALBANY—Randy Credico, the recovered addict, current activist, comedian, impersonator, sometime Bloomberg heckler and general character called this morning to announce what has been rumored on Fred Dicker’s radio show for months: he will run against Senator Chuck Schumer.

“Chuck Schumer has abandoned, if he was ever there, the progressive position of the Democratic Party,” Credico told me in a Capitol hallway (video below) insisting that “official” paper work is being filed so he will “officially” be a candidate. I asked him if he has a chance in hell at beating Schumer, the hegemonic senator who is considered a contender to be majority leader. Credico of course said yes, but then promised a comedy.

“I’m going to have a grass-roots campaign, I’m going to have a very interesting, off-beat strategy wth the internet and some great ads,” he said, claiming, dubiously, that Alec Baldwin and Larry David are on board. I asked if Diogenes, the ancient Greek philosopher who made a visit this spring to the Capitol, would be involved.

 “Diogenes will be at a lot of Sunday press conferences, which are a lot to do about nothing,” Credico promised.

A Schumer aide did not dignify a due-diligence email seeking comment on this with a reply.

Credico for Senate, Comically