Crime Waves: Ducky, Blitz, Knocky and Daddy Day

After nine months of surveillance, federal officers rounded up “dozens of gangsters with colorful nicknames” in a Westchester drug bust. The Daily News reports that the colorful nicknames included “Ducky, Blitz, Knocky and Daddy Day”; and that “alleged ringleader Elvis (Stunna L) Santana and his right-hand man, Emmanuel Martinez” could face life in prison.

But comically named criminals are not exclusive to the suburbs. Consuelo Carreto Valencia, the four-foot ten-inch so-called “mini-madam,” yesterday received a maximum sentence of ten years in prison for trafficking Mexican prostitutes to Brooklyn and Queens. “Her cruelty,” the Daily News notes, “was colossal.”

Meanwhile, Bernie Madoff’s 55-foot yacht sold at auction for $700,000–about 50 percent over its value, says the Post. Madoff’s spectre loomed over the proceedings:

Bidder Brunee Kring, of Fort Lauderdale, said he missed out on the vessel because he was unwilling to go higher than $250,000.

“The auctioneer said, ‘Come on, it’s only money,’ ” Kring recalled. “And I said, ‘Yeah, that’s what Bernie said.’ “

And on the other side of the law: amid the recession, the NYPD attracting lots of diverse, highly educated recruits. For example, writes The Times, the financial industry has proved to be “an uncommon breeding ground for police officers”:

A year and a half ago, Henry Chung was an assistant vice president at Merrill Lynch, monitoring billions of dollars the firm traded on a daily basis.

Last week, he found himself, in his capacity as a patrol officer in Jackson Heights, Queens, chasing after a man who had slashed another man’s neck with a razor blade. He grabbed the man from behind, pushed him up against a wall and handcuffed him.

“It’s a little different than looking at a computer monitor trying to figure out why there’s a million bucks missing in the firm’s accounts,” Officer Chung, 34, said in a telephone interview.

Crime Waves: Ducky, Blitz, Knocky and Daddy Day