Crime Waves: School Violence, Standard Assault, White Powder

Jeffrey Paulino, a 16-year-old student at the Bushwick School for Social Justice, has teamed up with the New York Civil Liberties Union in support of the Student Safety Act. His activism would probably reflect well on the school, except that he’s protesting an April incident in which  school safety agents are alleged to have “clobbered [him] with a flashlight and put him in a stranglehold until he passed out,” leaving him hospitalized. 

“They treated me like an animal,” Paulino said. “No student should be treated that way.” 

The Daily News quotes a police source saying that Paulino’s arrest was justified, and noting his later involvement in a gang incident.

More educational violence: the Columbia architecture professor who punched a colleague in a bar fight Friday has been charged with assault. The Times says it’s “unclear” why the victim, “who suffered bruising and swelling,” didn’t go to the police sooner. 

Yesterday afternoon, an Australian man named Matthew Moorhouse attacked a chambermaid at the Standard Hotel–she was cleaning his room  when he began to harass her. The Standard is a “Meatpacking District hotel infamous for its guests’ exhibitionist antics,” writes the Post, referring to previous Post coverage of the Standard as “a hot spot for naked guests letting it all hang out in front of its signature floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking High Line Park.” Moorhouse is charged with attempted rape, sexual abuse, and unlawful imprisonment.

And The Times reports that envelopes containing white powder (and notes reading “Al Qaeda F.B.I. in America”) arrived at the UN missions of Germany and the U.K. yesterday. Initial tests failed to detect any hazardous substances; “more conclusive tests” determined the powder to be flour. Monday’s envelopes at the French, Austrian, and Uzbek missions also contained flour. Crime Waves: School Violence, Standard Assault, White Powder