Currie: time to re-engage the suburbs

The stunner of the night in North Jerseyfor Democratswas the loss of theircounty ticket, the Kazmark-Way-Gomez-Stampone team thatsuffered the downside ofa squeaker to the Corrado-Marratoa-O'Connell-Ciambrone team.

Democratic Party Chairman John Currie takes solace in the fact that incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine defeated Chris Christie here by a vote of 51 to 44% – solace that was shattered by evening's end when Corzine lost statewide.

But of most pressing concern to veteran county man Currie was the win by Republican clerk candidate Kristin Corradoover Democrat Keith Kazmark, 51.91% to 48.09% and the fall of three freeholder candidates, including incumbent rising star (and potential LGcandidate)Freeholder Director Tahesha Way.

With provisionals not yet in, Way is losing to Ciambrone by 1400 votes.

"We knew it was going to be tough," said Currie. "My candidates were not complacent and I am proud of the campaignI ran for them. Passaic is always the battleground when you consider that it is made up of cities and suburbs, and we did lose ground in the suburbs. We still control county government, but it's clear we mustwork on rebuilding in the suburbs."

The economy beat the incumbents, from Corzine down, in Currie's view.

"I just think people took the effects of the economy out on incumbents,"said the county party chair. "Taheshadid a fantastic job as freeholder and director; Ibet we outspent the Republicans5-1, butpeople are upset. I would have liked better turnout in Paterson, but it wasn't bad. We just need to improve in the suburbs."

Currie: time to re-engage the suburbs