Elsewhere: Bloomberg Raises the Bar for Teacher Tenure

Michael Bloomberg orders teacher tenure to be tied to student performance.
Bloomberg invokes Obama’s name while encouraging Albany to follow his lead on education.

Gotham Schools has more on this.

Rudy Giuliani leads Kirsten Gillibrand 53 to 40 in a hypothetical Senate race, according to a Ramussen poll.

Among female voters, Giuliani breaks even with Gillibrand.

TPM suggests there’s a bounce for Giuliani here because NYC is hosting the terror trial.

Someone is polling about Harold Ford Jr. running against Kirsten Gillibrand, says Glenn Thrush.

Michael Tobman gets an earful from a UHO solicitor explaining away Andrew Cuomo’s investigation.

Gawker says the New York Post will lose ten staffers.

Andrew Hawkins is amused by New Jersey urinal art.

The future of media, maybe.

And above is some vintage Thanksgiving footage. Elsewhere: Bloomberg Raises the Bar for Teacher Tenure