Elsewhere: Crowley for Gillibrand

Joe Crowley backed Kirsten Gillibrand.

George H.W. Bush asks the Yankees to give a World Series ring to Ronan Tynan.

Bill Thompson got 60.8 percent of votes in the Bronx.

Paul Steeley White likes Bloomberg’s transportation initiatives, but wants buses improved.

Our Town notices Carolyn Maloney’s challenger, Reshma Saujani.

Attention Sean Trende: African-American voters really do care a lot about term limits.

 The Queens Gazette also notes John Liu’s voting-getting prowess.

When asked about businesses moving to New Jersey, Seth Pinksy wrote “New York City remains a business center that is unrivaled.”

The Pew Center finds that New York is doing reasonably on the fiscal front.

Jay Gallagher will be on WAMC tomorrow at 1 p.m. to talk about his fight with pancreatic cancer.

Joe Bruno said he’s not a terrorist.

Gay money is at stake.

Wayne Barrett says Paterson’s $30 billion figure is bogus.

New York City bought a slice of Coney Island.

And here’s Eric Schneiderman on this week’s New York NOW: Elsewhere: Crowley for Gillibrand