Elsewhere: Dede RoboCalls, Bloomberg Campaigns, Gaspard Reads


Patrick Gaspard “still reads the New York political blogs.”

Jen Chung collects chatter about today’s Q poll.

The Awl endorses the act of voting for Bill Thompson.

Around the .40 mark a woman calls Bloomberg “a disgrace.”

Bloomberg, defaced in Boro Park.

Bloomberg, everywhere.

[T]his contest simply isn’t a contest,” writes Talking Points Memo.

Indecision 2001, and the origins of the Bloomberg-Monty Burns linkage.

How did David Paterson get Yankee tickets?

John Boehner regrets that whole Dede Scozzafava thing.

Mike Long wants an investigation of Scozzafava’s endorsement of Bill Owens.

Joe Biden says Owens will keep NY-23 away from the failed Bush-era policies.

Scozzafava robocalls for Owens.

Down with Tyranny doesn’t like Fox’s coverage of the race.

One reason Kim poll workers were wrongly thought to be electioneering, Kim said, was that they were speaking to voters in Korean or Mandarin, so poll coordinators could not understand what was being said.”

And pictured above is Howard Wolfson, who is cooking up something for Election Day that may or may not be evident at 9:01 p.m. tomorrow.

Elsewhere: Dede RoboCalls, Bloomberg Campaigns, Gaspard Reads