Elsewhere: Did the Media Sink Thompson?

Howard Kurtz scolds New York City reporters for not taking Thompson more seriously.

“I think this election was about, simply, race,” writes Sean Trende, who adds, “Unless African-Americans in New York have a unique preference for term limits, I think this racial analysis is a far better, albeit more depressing, explanation.” 

David Sirota: “The Democratic Party wanted to avoid antagonizing this billionaire for fear of retribution.”

Bradley Tusk is confident, while Howard Wolfson said Bloomberg needed no debate prep.

Scozzafava, v.

Bill Owens is getting to Congress just in time for health care voting.

A Jefferson County legislator is mulling a primary for her Assembly seat, if she even runs.

Pataki for President?

More Gawker e-mails.

Jews went big for Bloomberg (which should drive Yoda crazy).

Judith Enck escaped to the EPA.

Neil Breslin wants to shine light on legal defense funds.

Andrew Cuomo settled with a pension double dipper.

Mike Long regrets not getting behind Ed Mangano.

Republican leaders in Congress flocked to a Tea Party at the Capitol.

Air America suggests other things Bloomberg could spend his money on.

One site “for Black America” says don’t blame Obama for Thompson’s loss.

And here’s Eliot Spitzer on the “Ed Show:” Elsewhere: Did the Media Sink Thompson?