Elsewhere: DiNapoli’s Message

Below, Tom DiNapoli says it’s important for a deficit reduction plan to “set us on a course of responsible budgeting.”

DiNapoli also wants consumers to ask questions about gift cards.

A measure to crack down on employer retaliation went into effect.

Tiger Woods crashed his car.

James Howard Kunstler hates on Skidmore College.

Jay Gallagher tries his best at charades.

Snow tonight in Albany!

Hillary, no pants suit.

I can’t see where Bloomberg is sitting, can you?

Silda Wall Spitzer explains how to be good this holiday season.

Representative Yvette Clark will speak to the Stonewall Veterans Association. (no link)

State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. will perform a vow renewal for Hiram Monserrate’s parents tomorrow, their 50th Anniversary. (no link)

Happy Black Friday! Bon Weekend! Eid Mubarak!

Elsewhere: DiNapoli’s Message