Elsewhere: Duane’s Promise, Lazio’s Claim, Bloomberg’s Deal

Michael Bloomberg announced a major labor deal that’s supposed to create thousands of construction jobs.

A Thanksgiving poem from NYCLU.

Roger Stone says if they get Joe Bruno, they’ll get Sheldon Silver.

New Yorkers are not optimistic about the economy.

Rick Lazio says David Paterson’s plan to give himself authority over the budget was Lazio’s idea first.

Andrew Cuomo accuses the U.H.O. of fraud.

It’s Judith Enck’s last day in Albany.

Joe Bruno likes to golf.

The Atlantic Yards project moves forward, again.

Brian Keeler blasts his former employers.

Doug Hoffman didn’t un-lose his election.

Christine Quinn wants more affordable housing on the West Side Rail Yards.

Richard Lipsky: “Obama is a pure elitist.”

Gotham Gazette wonders if we can handle instant runoffs.

Arun Venugopal goes inside the fight between Bloomberg and the N.R.A.

Kirsten Gillibrand helps Carl Heastie.

Gillibrand and Representative Carolyn McCarthy will introduce a gun-control bill together.

Mark Blumenthal says Joe Klein is right about the uselessness of individual polls.

Is tonight’s dinner bipartisan?

The Iranian government wants to know about the Daily Show, but not in a good way.

Bloomberg’s friend in Washington, Adrian Fenty, has an approval-disapproval rating of 43-49 percent.

And this blogger (it must be Sheekey!) offers 20 reasons Bloomberg could/should run for president in 2012. Elsewhere: Duane’s Promise, Lazio’s Claim, Bloomberg’s Deal