Elsewhere: Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani’s spokeswoman denied he’s running for Senate.

He may want to, after seeing his poll numbers compared to Kirsten Gillibrand’s.

George Pataki may run too.

Guy Molinari said Albany doesn’t suit Giuliani.

Reid Wilson: “Most aides to Giuliani, current or former, believe he is likely to stay in the private sector.”

Chris Cillizza agrees. “Giuliani stays in the private sector, biding his time for a race that’s a better fit.”

Lee Miringoff: “His on-again, off-again campaign in 2000 and his truncated run for the White House in 2008 raise serious doubts about his electoral viability.”

Pataki: Marcellus Drilling is Patriotic.

Ben Adler refutes the notion that Palin 2012 creates an opening for Bloomberg.

Ron Shiffman says Bloomberg’s record on sustainable development “is mixed at best.”

Guest of a Guest parties with Bloomberg, Ed Koch, Henry Kissinger, and everyone else.

The city’s unemployment rate hit 10.3 percent.

The Court of Appeals affirmed out-of-state marriages between same-sex couples.

Kevin Kim supporters say voters were illegally turned away at the polls.

Officially, finally, Doug Hoffman can’t un-lose this election.

Roger Stone is sick of the Palin pile-on.

Echoes of NY-23 in a Hudson Valley recount.

There’s still no budget deal.

Jose Peralta gains steam.

Leon Neyfakh: party animal.

Fox News apologizes, again, for airing old footage. Elsewhere: Giuliani