Elsewhere: Paterson’s Plans, Murphy’s Understanding, Bloomberg’s Humility

Michael Bloomberg is not humbled, and the AP looks back at that quote from Staten Island.

Term limits, shlerm limits.”

JTA: “Jewish voters — who comprised 18 percent of the electorate — went for Bloomberg by a 3-1 margin.”

Hiram Monserrate did not attend the Monserrate Inquisition Panel’s first meeting.

Ruben Diaz Sr. is vaguely and unspecifically threatening.

Two Democrats went to Joe Bruno’s trial without being on the witness list.

Lots of protesters came to Albany.

George Maziarz is a ‘no’ on same-sex marriage.

Here’s David Paterson’s speech.

Republican health care targets.

Scott Murphy said he’s sure Barack Obama understands.

The Champlain Bridge will have to be replaced.

Please, everyone, stop campaigning.

DNAInfo previews the same-sex marriage vigil in Union Square.

More “what if” about Anthony Weiner.

Dan Halloran is a “heathen,” but that’s okay, says WPIX.

Scott Stringer wants to kill the drill.

Stimulus money gets spread around.

Seth Pinsky speaks.

Staten Islanders don’t like cuts to the disabled.

And pictured above are Tom Libous and Bill Perkins, who sat up front for David Paterson’s deficit reduction speech in Albany. Elsewhere: Paterson’s Plans, Murphy’s Understanding, Bloomberg’s Humility