Flemingtoon* 11.3.09 *All dialogue mostly guaranteed almost verbatim.

If you remember about a week ago, the bartender “Tom” told me at a fundraiser —when asked about whether he was going to support the two Democrats in Flemington—-Democrats he voted for the first time around, and liked a great deal—when I asked if he was going to vote for them again, he said,


“Nope, They did a good job, and they had their chance. Now, it’s time to give someone else a chance. This is what makes our country great. Why do all the illegals come here? Because we give everyone a chance. Now, it’s someone else’s turn. Every one deserves a turn. It’s only fair. In three years, we can give someone else a chance. That’s the American way.”

Different voting logic, to say the least.

Well, today, I ran in to Tom on street, and he said, “Well, I have changed my mind. I am not going to vote for the two Republicans. Did you see the latest mailer they put out?”

I said that I, indeed, had. But I was still curious. “What’s the issue?”, I asked.

“Well their whole thing was ‘negative’ this and ‘negative that. ‘Taxes are too high’. ‘Not enough businesses on Main Street’. ‘Graffiti on the side of the Mikasa building’. ‘Too much truck traffic.’ Just too negative. Can’t they talk about the positive things in town? If this is what they think of Flemington—all negative, negative, negative— I am not voting for them.”

So, now he is voting for the Democrats. Strange route there, but the Democrats have his vote. Flemingtoon* 11.3.09                *All dialogue mostly guaranteed almost verbatim.