Flemingtoon* 11/6/09: *All dialogue mostly guaranteed almost verbatim—–Crack Political Consultants

Tuesday, November 3rd was not a particularly good day for Democrats across the state, or in Hunterdon County. Although Democrats in Hunterdon are generally used to fielding candidates who face a tough campaign season against a more well-funded Republican opponent, combined with an over-whelming 3-1 voter registration advantage—-there are many ‘true believers’ —Democrats who go out there knocking on doors, making their phone calls, and participate in debates doing their damn best to try and win.

Some truly believe they can win in spite of the odds, while others satisfy their campaign muse with a rationalization of “someone needs to be on the ballot to articulate the Democratic platform in very Republican areas”. Some Democrats had no shot at all statistically. Some Democrats got caught up in the anti-Corzine tsunami that was Chris Christie. As someone who has held both POVs, (and won and lost), I salute those Democrats who ran in Hunterdon and lost this year.

A quick Flemingtoon: Over heard at the local ShopRite, cereal aisle. Two friends, husband and wife, both ‘soft’ Republicans who live in Flemington. Have always voted for me, but did not like Corzine at all, and supported Christie. They also voted for Obama in 2008. The conversation turned to ‘advice’ for Democrats in Hunterdon, to win elections:

“I changed parties to vote for Obama in the primary last year, ‘cause I hate Hillary, then changed back [to Republican]. What Democrat candidates need to do in Flemington is run as Republicans, then when they win, change back to Democrats. They do that each year, and they’ll win every time.” His spouse nodded knowingly, “They should do that.”

I thanked them for the crack political advice, and moved on to buy my Cheerios.

Flemingtoon* 11/6/09: *All dialogue mostly guaranteed almost verbatim—–Crack Political Consultants