Gorgeous photographs of birds (but not turkeys)

This week most of our interactions with birds will come courtesy of Thanksgiving dinner. But we urge you to check out some other feathered creatures at the simply gorgeous Birdbook, an elegant site dedicated to Bird, Andrew Zuckerman’s recently released book of photography.

Zuckerman and a team of bird specialists enticed the inhabitants of several aviaries to swoop, soar and posture in front of a simple white sheet. The result is startlingly vivid and lifelike shots of birds outside their normal environments, which makes for a wild visual experience. With each of the 87 entries (from African Fish Eagle to, yes, Wild Turkey) comes helpful information such as genus, height and wingspan, plus most of the entries include each bird’s personalized call. The pictures even seem to capture a bit of bird personality: a Red-legged Seriema stalks through its shot; a puffed-up Great Horned Owl regally poses; a Golden Eagle glares (rather vengefully) at the camera. Game, on.

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