Giblin offers reward for lawn signs

Assemblyman Thomas Giblin (D-Montclair) says he will donate a dime to charity for every campaign lawn sign brought to his Clifton office. 

“Some of these signs sit around for months following an election,” said Giblin, a former Democratic State Chairman. “We can clean-up our streets and help the less fortunate at the same time.” 

Giblin says the money will go to Eva’s Village, a Paterson-based social services agency.

“Not only do these things become an eyesore, but the metal hangers they’re on start rusting and the laminated cardboard winds up in the streets and jamming up the sewers,” Giblin said. “It poses a real hazard to the environment.”

Gblin’s lawn sign bailout will begin Monday and end on November 23.

Giblin offers reward for lawn signs