Gubernatorial Race: 4th Place Still Too Close to Call

In a stunning rebuke to Christie gubernatorial campaign –one that was fraught with “a lack of specifics”, too much “empty rhetoric” and way “too many apostrophes”, the Corzine/Daggett campaigns combined for more than 50% of the vote in Tuesday’s election.

But, while Christie was rejected by 51% of New Jersey, the race for fourth place is still too close to call.

The latest figures, with 6242 of 6305 Precincts Reporting—99%— showed Kenneth Kaplan, the Libertarian; Gary Steele, a lawyer, and Jason Cullen, a manager working in trade marketing, locked in a statistical dead heat for fourth place—each with listed with less than one percent.

All the remaining candidates also have less than one percent—so this is an historical unprecedented nine gubernatorial candidate dead heat. AP has declared Kenneth Kaplan the winner of fourth place, and NJN has called the race for Jason Cullen. NBC did not care to comment, the Cartoon Network said it was still too close to call, and TBS did not return our calls.

We will continue to report to you throughout the day as the remaining 1% of the districts come in, to finally break the tie, and declare a fourth place winner.

(In the interest of complete disclosure this author did support the re-election of Governor Jon Corzine. And in the spirit of New Jersey politics, I offer congratulations to Governor-Elect Chris Christie, and wish him and his family a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving.) Gubernatorial Race: 4th Place Still Too Close to Call