Hands Across New Jersey

It’s time to end the partisan bickering.

It’s time to end the partisan bickering process that has and continues to cloud problem solving for our great state, north and south. It’s time to return to true leadership. The time has come to end the partisanship that divides us not only politically but as a state, and replace it with unity and strength of purpose and direction.

The race has been settled. The people have spoken. From the early days of the summer, through the race in the fall, and till now—all the debates in bars, at water coolers, in office buildings—-it’s all been settled.

All New Jersey has to come together to face the real problems we have as a state. And at this point, there is just one man to do the job.

Joe Gerardi.

Joe Gerardi is a true leader.

To all the Yankees, great job. To the Phillies fans of New Jersey—-well, there was always last year.

Thanks, Joe for a truly great season.

To all the folks who bet me, time to pay up.

(PS: I predicted Yanks in six. Should have saved some of that prediction power for the gov race. Duh.) Hands Across New Jersey