Harold Ford? Really?

With Kirsten Gillibrand struggling to connect with voters, and Rudy Giuliani inciting more confusion than excitement about his own candidacy, the rumor mill keeps churning out big-name potential challengers.

Today, Theodore Roosevelt IV is out, and Harold Ford, Jr. is–for the moment, at least–in.

Mr. Roosevelt, a self-described “liberal Republican,” was reportedly encouraged to investigate a potential run by former Governor George Pataki and Texas Senator John Cornyn, but ultimately the great grandson of T.R. decided it was too much of a commitment for the potential payoff of years as an impactless junior senator.

Mr. Ford, a Democrat, may feel otherwise. The five-term Congressman relocated to New York City after losing a Senate bid in 2006 in his native Tennessee. Glenn Thrush notes that although Mr. Ford has reportedly been skeptical about the idea of running in New York, a commenter claims to have received a polling phone call that included Mr. Ford’s name. This would seem to indicate the Tennesseean is testing the waters.

Among the reasons this seems somewhat ridiculous is the fact that Mr. Ford, who is no Hillary Clinton, just moved here (meaning that Democrats indignant about the selection of Ms. Gillibrand might be even angrier about his own presumptuousness), and the fact that he’s actually more conservative than Ms. Gillibrand (meaning that he wouldn’t be able to primary her from the left, where she was thought to be vulnerable).

So with less than a year, the credible challenges to Ms. Gillibrand remain, as Al D’Amato points out, merely “mythical.” Harold Ford? Really?