Hayden files Ferriero motion

Former Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero’s attorney has filed to have Ferriero's corruption conviction overturned.

Defense lawyer Joseph Hayden said he filed about a dozen arguments in federal court, chief among them challenging Ferriero's conviction for conspiracy to defraud Bergenfield of co-defendant Dennis Oury’s honest services. Oury, who was Bergen County Democratic Counsel, was the Bergenfield Borough Attorney.

“The principle motions involve a challenge to the honest services theory of prosecution, which is presently being scrutinized by a case pending before the United States Supreme Court dealing with honest services,” said Hayden. “We believe the Supreme Court case will be decided favorably to the defense, and this will result in overturning Mr. Ferriero’s conviction.”

The conspiracy count was the most serious of Ferriero's three count conviction. He was also convicted on two mail fraud counts and acquitted of five other mail fraud counts. Hayden files Ferriero motion