‘Heathen’ Halloran Captures Council Seat

Somehow, Queens Republican Dan Halloran survived a lot of talk about his pre-Christian religious beliefs to capture Tony Avella’s City Council seat last night.

Mr. Halloran, reported to be the “First Atheling” of a neo-heathen tribe, beat the Democratic nominee Kevin Kim 53 percent to 47 percent in a campaign marred by a number of unseemly accusations: that Mr. Kim was unfairly exploiting Mr. Halloran’s religion, that Mr. Halloran was tying Mr. Kim, who is Korean-American, to Asian developers, that one tore down the other’s campaign signs, and so on.

The Village Voice, which ran a 2,500-word write-around on Mr. Halloran’s religious beliefs, predicted he wouldn’t get 30 percent. The Voice stayed on the story last night, reporting from both headquarters, and pushing the impression that the contest split on racial lines.

Shortly before the polls closed at the Kim campaign office, there was not one white person working there….At Halloran HQ, there was hardly one non-white person, and the walls were adorned with ads for Tea Party protests.

The Voice proclaims him “America’s First Elected Heathen,” and makes sure to mention that he didn’t end his victory speech with an invocation to God.

‘Heathen’ Halloran Captures Council Seat