How Tweet It Is….

Ronald C. Rice tweeted not so sweetly about soon-to-be Senate President Stephen Sweeney.

Well, we were able to obtain the rest of the tweets—in fact, there was an entire conversation tweeted between the future Senate President and the current Newark Councilman….

Ronald C. Rice: "I am here n AC w/ Sen Sweeney & if/when I c him, I am going 2 give him a piece of my mind on the issue of marriage equality. Fu$%@ng sellout."

Stephen Sweeney: “What the F$%K are you t&lking about? Of course, I suΩΩort maΩΩiage equality, you a∫∫4ole.”

RR: “Well, then why the he££ d%d you say what the F$%K you s†Ád on the panel, a∫∫4ole?

SS: What p@∏*l are you t^lking about fu$%kf^ce?

RR: The ¶§∞ at the L^%$ge in AC! You told ^^$#. Y*&^^% and that it should be &$$$ and not ma ΩΩiage =tly.

SS: Look, RR, I ©ƒ¨˜√ƒ all the people. Not just ç√∫˜˙¶§∞. There will be a t*me later…

RR: B^LL$¥! The t#me is Ï®Ø∑¡¡¡

SS: ∞©ÎÏ ©Ïδ∑™ ÓÁ†∞#!

RR: ÇÎÍ´ §∞ª• ÔÓ¨Á. And, ©ƒƒ∂® §∞∞£ ∫˙©†…

[Loretta Weinberg, who’s been following these tweets, chimes in…]

LW: Boys, boys —-what language. You sound like an old married couple.

אנחנו לא יכולים פשוט להסתדר?

RR/SS: Sorry, Loretta. We’ll be ∑´®†Á¨ˆØ∏”Ò˚c….Oy.
How Tweet It Is….