In Victory, Wolfson Defends

Michael Bloomberg’s chief campaign spokesman is defending their lavish campaign spending in what will turn out to be a narrow win over Democrat Bill Thompson.

“This is the most difficult environment for incumbents that I’ve seen since 1994,” Howard Wolfson told reporters at Bloomberg’s victory party in the Sheraton.

“In New Jersey, Jon Corzine spent tens of millions of dollars goig down in defeat.” Wolfson added, “Given the difficulties of this climate, and the fact the mayor is going to win tonight, and win by a good margin, we think it’s a tremendous victory.”

When a reporter asserted that he “had to be disappointed by the margin,” Wolfson calmly replied, “Not at all. You know, whether the Yankees win in four, or five, or sx or seven, they’re going to be world champions. On January 1, Michael Bloomberg is going to be the mayor of New York.” In Victory, Wolfson Defends