Items! Desperate Tinsley, Art of the Obamas

Tinsley Mortimer’s friends are avoiding her reality show. 

The New York City Transit president calls it quits.

The government has until Dec. 15 to find more Galleon insiders.

Andrew Cuomo keeps himself in the headlines, and helps Saratoga in the process.

Will the Madoff clan face tax charges?

Here’s who Kenneth Feinberg, pay czar, met with before he slashed all those salaries.

Rolling Stone might be writing a Goldman Sachs sequel.

The Wall Street Journal continues its pursuit of the The New York Times.

Gawker is disappointed in the Times; the Times objects.

The Post profiles Sarah Haskins, darling of ladyblogs everywhere.

Art madness at White House art.

Magazine competitors are joining together to promote print media, in general. Items! Desperate Tinsley, Art of the Obamas