Items! Free Wi-Fi and Unwanted Endorsements

Barack Obama talked Al Sharpton out of endorsing him in Iowa.

Madoff’s old East 64th Street apartment gets a $1 million dollar price chop.

Bill Clinton–or “42” as Politico calls him–met with Senate Democrats to pass that health care bill.

Wal-Mart fires early in that cheap book war.

Former Deadspin editor turned New York writer Will Leitch declares Bill Simmons “establishment“–but in a good way.

Senator Chris Dodd would like one bank regulator, thank you very much.

Buildings bracing for bikes.

JP Morgan Chase is….hiring.

What Rupert Murdoch’s Google boycott might cost.

Colum McCann talks about his new New York novel.

Twitter TV has finally happened.

Amazon tries to make literary agents like ebooks.

Trope” is the new “famously.”

“[James] Franco’s thirst for knowledge is seemingly insatiable“: he is contemplating a Yale PhD program.

J-School apps increase at NYU and Columbia.

How not to write a headline.

Martha Stewart’s Brooklyn episode airs.

Google gives free Wi-Fi to airports for Christmas–alas, no New York airports. At least you can connect in Times Square? Items! Free Wi-Fi and Unwanted Endorsements