Items! ‘God’s Work,’ Even More on the Hipster Grifter

A grad student surprisingly acquired a large sum of money; unsurprisingly, he lacked the steely real-world survival instincts to keep it.

A.P. writers used spy tactics to get hold of Going Rogue.

Inevitablely, Lucky introduced an online store.

The Newseum‘s Tim Russert shrine opens.

How the Atlantic and the Economist eneded up with startlingly similar covers.

Goldman Sachs may be “doing God’s work,” but that doesn’t mean you can have a Christmas party.

Maybe Jamie Dimon will invite the Goldman guys to JP Morgan Chase’s party.

Dominic Carter guilty of third-degree attempted assault.

Pool parties look like they’re staying at East River State Park.

Jude Law vs. N.Y.U. freshmen, round one.

Hipster Grifter is back on the loose.


  Items! ‘God’s Work,’ Even More on the Hipster Grifter