Items! Hero Pilots, Sleek Lions

Publishers Weekly likes William Langewiesche’s book about Sully and Flight 1549.

Did The Times do some good p.r. work for Zynga this weekend?

Another bad day for the S.E.C.: Former lawyer posed as Icelandic hedge fund manager for Marc Dreier.

Paul Shaffer talks about a lot of things in his new book, but doesn’t dish on Letterman.

Former Bear Stearns executive gambles with pretend money this time.

The Times follows “The 24-Hour Plays” in impressive detail.

Behind the scenes in New Orleans with David Simon.

Devorah Rose takes on Tinsley, for TV at least.

Archbishop Dolan takes on The Times, again, on the blogs at least.

Brownstoner points out some problems with a Daily News story on neighborhood names.

The New York Public Library’s lion logo has become sleek.

Items! Hero Pilots, Sleek Lions