Items! Sufjan on the BQE, Beatrice Might Be Back

Never mind the Jane Hotel; the Beatrice might be back.

The San Francisco Chronicle counters big losses with “high-quality glossy paper.”

First a kids’ movie (see: Where the Wild Things Are), now food porn: Vice goes domestic.

Interviews with made-up entities: not just for Fashion Week Daily, it turns out.

Thought experiment: What if James Franco, legitimate actor turned M.F.A. student and soon-to-be soap star, knows EXACTLY what he’s doing?

Sufjan Stevens talks about The BQE, his BAM-commissioned piece on Brooklyn.

Chris Christie won with some old hands from Team Rudy.

The Global High Wealth Industry group is coming for your tax shelter.

The Nation teaches you Gladwell.

Three hundred Hideki Matsui fans celebrate with curry.

Governor Paterson calls a special session.

Jonathan Safran Foer reads from Eating Animals.

Michael Wolff thinks Rupert Murdoch is Ahab. Items! Sufjan on the BQE, Beatrice Might Be Back