Items! The Evening Star Diamond and The Office

Laid-off Times editor “strangely unbitter.”

The “Evening Star” diamond–from the same Indian mine as the Hope Diamond–is going on sale here.

The Office tackles the Journal’s pay wall, right on time.

Matt Taibbi explains why he hasn’t yet written about Lloyd Blankfein doing God’s work: “my editors will chop my balls off if I do a blog post on that right now.”

Andrew Cohen would like to see Supreme Court TV.

Arrested Madoff programmers didn’t want to keep lying after ’06, but they did.

Is Dear Abby getting robbed?

All the young dudes are unemployed.

Cautionary matron Sandra Tsing Loh swears she’s a worse mother than Ayelet Waldman.

NYU eyes Downtown Brooklyn and Governors Island

Oreo to aggressive pit bull goes to a nice home in the country; A.G. Sulzberger has the details.

Items! The Evening Star Diamond and The Office