Times: Leftover Candy Eaten by Adults at Work

Sometimes, when people have leftover Halloween candy, they bring that candy into their offices and then their coworkers eat it, reports the Times City Room blog.

One of the sources for this story is Golf Digest editor.

The new face of freebies at Conde Nast:

“I can’t even make a trip to the water cooler or to the restroom without passing a bowlful of fun-size chocolate favorites,” said Ashley Mayo, an assistant editor at Golf Digest magazine. Chocolate is especially difficult for her, she said.

“I can resist sugary candies like taffy and Nerds,” Ms. Mayo said. “But Snickers, Twix, Baby Ruths and M&Ms win every time.”

But she doesn’t feel so guilty with the small portions. “The great thing about those fun-size packs of candy is they don’t have calorie info.”

Times: Leftover Candy Eaten by Adults at Work