Jerry Jennings Hosts Cuomo Luncheon

ALBANY—Mayor Jerry Jennings is hosting a luncheon Friday with Andrew Cuomo, one of several events the attorney general has on the docket in these critical months of fund-raising.

Cuomo 2010 is asking a minimum of $500 a head, and offering the title of “chair” for $25,000. Cuomo insists his only political plan “at this time” is to run for attorney general, and office for which he has no declared opponents, but he is laying the foundation for a gubernatorial bid. The luncheon will be held at the Fort Orange Club.

Jennings is a long-time Cuomo ally; he was one of the few elected officials who endorsed Andrew’s 2002 gubernatorial bid against Carl McCall, which polls show him hypothetically leading by nearly 60 points. Earlier this year, Cuomo endorsed Jennings over Councilman Corey Ellis in a primary that Jennings won handily. (Cuomo waited until after the Democratic primary to endorse Bill Thompson, who narrowly lost to Michael Bloomberg.) Further, Jennings sat at the head table when Cuomo came to Albany for a private event for Democrats in July.

Cuomo Invite Jerry Jennings Hosts Cuomo Luncheon