Keeping Dysfunction Alive in Albany

Jimmy Vielkind has a story today about Carl Kruger, the obstructionist state senator who may be standing in the way of any budget deal.

According to two sources familiar with the deficit negotiations, he is the only one who refuses to acknowledge the need for cuts to spending and education, even in private meetings. (This still remains the public posture of Senate Democrats, but the sources say that the entire conference—aside from Kruger—is willing to give in on some areas.) Mr. Paterson and the legislative leaders were close to an agreement last week, with details to be hammered out this weekend.

What did Mr. Kruger do? He threatened to subpoena the records for state agencies.

“People were furious,” said one Senate source. “Carl decided to throw a punch at the governor on the day we were trying to shake hands with him.”

But maybe it’s not all Mr. Kruger’s fault.

“The problem with the Senate is they’re all a bunch of clowns who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing, and don’t have the votes to pass anything; it’s been like this all year,” one Democratic assemblyman said of the Senate Democrats.

  Keeping Dysfunction Alive in Albany