Liu and Bloomberg Have a Private Moment

John Liu and Michael Bloomberg met for a private meeting this morning, two weeks after Mr. Liu publicly rebuffed the mayor’s invitation for a cup of coffee.

At the time, Mr. Liu said he was too busy for a meeting, and then told the Times: “A long time ago, the people of New York decided there would be no king nor a monarch in New York City.”

As George Arzt told me later, Mr. Liu had a good phone conversation with the mayor that morning and the two had plans to get together when it fit both their schedules–which is apparently right around now, according to Azi Paybarah.

But this morning’s meeting is noticeably private compared to the one Mr. Liu skipped, where the incoming public advocate, Bill de Blasio, sat for a very public cup of coffee with Mr. Bloomberg, just a couple of days after the mayor’s humbling re-election. Liu and Bloomberg Have a Private Moment