Local Republicans Cheer Giuliani’s Shift to National Stage

Jimmy Oddo, the Republican leader in the City Council, sees Rudy Giuliani’s reported decision to run for Senate instead of governor as an inevitable decision to take the path of least resistance.

“I don’t see him at this point in his life getting sucked into the mire of Albany,” said Oddo. “The balance of power in city government is very much in favor of the executive. If the rules of the game in state were similar to city government, the position of governor would be much more appealing to him.”

Oddo, who was in the audience when Giuliani spoke to Republicans on Staten Island Monday night, said, “I think he wants to influence the national agenda, and you combine that with ‘Do I want to fight a fight under Shelly [Silver]’s rules,’ the frustration would get the better of him within weeks.”

Councilman Vinny Ignizio, who also attended the speech Monday night, said it left him feeling that Giuliani “is very interested in being on the national stage to help the country return back to Republican and conservative principles.”

“He gave a fiery speech on Monday night about the direction of this country, and how he is passionate to bring back the economic and foreign policies that are better than the current administration,” said Ignizio.

Oddo said Giuliani delivered the speech with “no notes” and “no teleprompters. This was Rudy, almost like the way he gave the State of the City speeches–very personal.” Local Republicans Cheer Giuliani’s Shift to National Stage