Lopez: ‘Too Early’ to Say He’s With Paterson in 2010

ALBANY—Right after David Paterson addressed a joint session of the legislature, I asked Assemblyman Vito Lopez whether he could say he supports the governor’s 2010 electoral bid.

“Too early,” Lopez, who is also chairman of the Brooklyn Democratic Committee told me. “The judgment, right now, he is the Democratic governor. I don’t, you know…people have not, you know, haven’t–what’s the best way to broach it? He’s a Democratic governor, and until something changes he will be supported by Democratic leadership.”

Lopez was instrumental in rounding up labor leaders and other county chairmen at a meeting in Kingston, where “concern” was expressed over Paterson’s candidacy. I asked Lopez on Monday if he wanted Andrew Cuomo wanted to run for governor.

“I haven’t spoken to Andrew Cuomo in three, four months, so….” he replied. I asked him if he ever thought a Cuomo run would be great thing.

“What would be great is, we could solve this fiscal crisis and the governor resolves it in an equitable way. Then he could become a hero and we’d all love him for it,” Lopez said.

Lopez: ‘Too Early’ to Say He’s With Paterson in 2010