Man Cave Supervisors Faulted

ALBANY—The case of the Man Cave is not quite closed.

After the guilty pleas by Louis Marciano and Gary Pivoda, who turned a break room in the Empire State Plaza into a den of drug use and on-the-clock napping, Inspector General Joseph Fisch issued another report concluding three men responsible for supervising the pair “failed in their responsibilities.”

“The most shocking example of the lax supervision that pervaded the Plaza was the payment of yearly incentive awards, totaling $3,000, to Pivoda for, in part, ‘the quality and consistency of work’ and ‘promptness in returning from breaks and lunch,'” a report from Fisch’s office says.

The report also found that Marciano used the N-word to refer to a janitor who was assigned extra work to cover for Pivoda.

Three managers–Thomas Casey, William Liston and Dennis Williams–were referred “for appropriate discipline for dereliction in the performance of supervisory responsibilities.”

Mancave Management Man Cave Supervisors Faulted