Mensch of the Week and other Mensches of the Week

Yes, I know, I know.

Since it’s Thanksgiving week, I decided that no one could really be a Putz of the Week this week. So, I decided to go with two Mensch mentions instead.

This week I observed the tireless work of Steven Goldstein of Garden State Equality. He organized with less than one week’s notice more than 300 people to lobby the Senate and Assembly to pass a Marriage Equality law in New Jersey. He never stops, never gives in, and he makes it fun. I won’t bore you with the details of why I think we need marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples; you're probably too busy getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Just suffice it to say that on behalf of all he does for all those who support expanding civil liberties for gay and lesbian couples, Steven is our Mensch of the Week.

Mensches of The Week.

To all the men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. You're all Mensches. And there is not enough room here to list all the reasons why. We salute you and all you do every day.

May all you Mensches come home very soon and in one piece, to spend time with all the Mensches in your lives.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thank a Mensch this week.

Mensch of the Week and other Mensches of the Week