Monserrate Panel Unanimously Created, Monserrate Absent

ALBANY—That was an easy session.

The State Senate just met, briefly, to pass a resolution creating the Monserrate Inquision Panel, which meets tonight.

The resolution passed unanimously. State Senator Hiram Monserrate, whose recent misdemeanor conviction prompted the committee’s formation, was not present in the chamber.

The only remarks on the bill came from Senator Andrew Lanza, a Staten Island Republican who felt there should be five Republicans on the committee to match the five Democrats.

“I’m confident that committee will proceed sensitive to the very important nature of the work ahead of us, and I’m confident that the members that have so far been proposed for this committee will undertake this task prudently and responsibly,” Lanza said.

Those absent included SenatorsRuben Diaz Sr., Tom Duane, Bill Larkin, Hiram Monserrate, Velmanette Montgomery an Steve Saland. Senators Marty Golden, Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Shirley Huntley, Owen Johnson, Carl Marcellino and Tom Morahan were excused.

Also: Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch presided (with some hiccups) over the business of the camber. It was the first time he has done so.


Monserrate Panel Unanimously Created, Monserrate Absent