Morning Read: Bloomberg and Thompson Campaign, Lopez Sends a Holy Robocall


In a memo, Ed Skyler said fewer than 300 stable new jobs were created with stimulus money.


Mike Lupica: “If you are going to spend this big you better win big.”

Bill Thompson tries turning out the base while Michael Bloomberg tries the 51-council district strategy.

Thompson didn’t respond to a radio caller who said that Bloomberg favors Jews; Thompson subsequently said that he hadn’t heard the caller’s comments.

Bloomberg is acting nicer, thanks to coaching.

Bloomberg: “I’m only going to win if you come out and vote. If you don’t vote, we don’t win.”

Bloomberg spoke at an Independence Party rally with Jackie Salit and Fred Newman.

Bloomberg and Fulani!

Errol Louis: “Bloomberg is ahead, but by much less than press reports suggest – making the race a squeaker.

The Wall Street Journal says Bloomberg is widening his lead.

The Washington Post notes some Bloomberg supporters aren’t thrilled about him.

The odds are with Bloomberg.

Chris Smith hopes Bloomberg reigns in the teachers union.

Ross Douthat refers to Bloomberg as one of the “fantasy” presidential candidates.

A supporter of Kevin Kim links his rival, Dan Halloran, to Nazis.

Vito Lopez gets a priest to do robocalls.

Tish James said Barack Obama has personal memories of Al Vann.

Two people Mike McMahon should look out for.

Heather Mac Donald doesn’t like Thompson’s stop-and-frisk policy.

Where are the horses going?

Bloomberg, with the troops.

Eliot Spitzer has a taste for irony.

Vito Fossella and Kenny Mitchell were at Jim Molinaro’s breakfast this weekend.

Who is vandalizing the subway station at City Hall with Bloomberg stickers?


And pictured above is Diana Taylor showing me her campaign earrings.

Morning Read: Bloomberg and Thompson Campaign, Lopez Sends a Holy Robocall