Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Tab, Seabrook’s Bill, Oddo’s Office


The Washington Post makes Adrian Fenty sound like Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg spent $174.53 per vote, says Celeste Katz.

It’s $183 per vote, says Michael Barbaro.

The Times edit page hits the mayor: “By far the biggest devotee of the state housekeeping loophole is Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

Public schools and charter schools don’t always make for happy neighbors.

Jimmy Oddo’s office “wedged between the Public Design Commission and the women’s bathroom” is no longer a lonely place.

244 City Council staffers weren’t at work on Primary Day.

Larry Seabrook is sued by his former lawyer for unpaid bills.

Here’s the latest installment of Edward-Isaac Dovere’s investigation of the Working Families Party.

Malcolm Smith won’t say if he supports David Paterson for re-election.

Carolyn Maloney is taking Reshma Saujani seriously.

There may be staff cuts at the FDNY.

DOI isn’t processing prospective day care workers fast enough, says Adam Lisberg.

The last 623 votes will be counted today in Tom Suozzi’s race, where he trails by 217 votes.

Ray Kelly explains the crime drop amid rising unemployment: “People, generally speaking, are not committing crime to address a basic need for food or shelter.”

Gang war on Staten Island.

John Heilemann searches for Obama.

Sam Tanenhaus compares Sarah Palin’s biography to Colin Powell’s.

Palin is big with the Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh crowd.

Jackson Diehl: “The Obama administration, in contrast, often speaks as if it does not recognize the existence of an Arab reform movement.”

Jamie Weinstein: “The most serious third party threat could be Michael Bloomberg.”

Eric Pfanner says Rupert Murdoch and Google can’t walk away from each other.

Murdoch’s oldest son wants the Hollywood Reporter.

amNew York and The Post think alike.

Jim Lehrer and ‘News Hour’ embrace technology.

And here’s a blogger story you don’t see every day: “Blogger Accused of Threatening U.S. Judge Was Reportedly Paid by F.B.I.” Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Tab, Seabrook’s Bill, Oddo’s Office