Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Trip, Weiner’s Bluff, Thompson’s Opposition

Dov Hikind wants to buy an apartment in East Jerusalem, which Israel acquired from Palestine after the 1967 war.

Louie Gohmert: “”Unless they’re trying to create a new jobs bill by allowing terrorism back in New York then this is insane.”
Rudy Giuliani still opposes having the 9/11 trial here.

Michael Bloomberg celebrated his election victory in Paris.

Bloomberg donated $125 million to promote safety in Moscow.

Here’s more on Bloomberg’s affection for Honeysuckle Weeks.

When Anthony Weiner said 100 Democrats would oppose a healthcare bill without a public option, he was bluffing. The number was closer to 25, he said.

Bill Thompson is refusing to approve a contract for a jail in downtown Brooklyn.

Thompson said the city has lost 60,000 communication jobs.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission doesn’t like being influenced by the City Council.

A controversial Imam is speaking tonight at Queens College.

The Post edit board calls for more stop-and-frisks to crack down on gun violence.

Happy 85th birthday Ed Koch.

Jimmy Oddo is expected to stay minority leader, but Vinny Ignizio will likely cede the number two spot to Eric Ulrich.

Good thing for the Obama campaign that they didn’t accept John Edwards’ “offer” to help, says Steve Kornacki on Hardball.

And above is video from the Democratic National Committee, calling Giuliani a flip-flopper. Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Trip, Weiner’s Bluff, Thompson’s Opposition