Morning Read: Concerns About the Trial, Thompson’s Possible Future

Rudy Giuliani doesn’t want the 9/11 trial here.


David Axelrod noted that Giuliani testified at the civilian trial of another terrorist and didn’t have any objections.

Steve Cassidy said the trial will put New Yorkers in danger.

Mike Lupica doesn’t want the trial here.

Doug Schoen argues that independents have abandoned Barack Obama.

Bloomberg has three times as many reporters in Washington than the New York Times does.

Bill Thompson’s name gets floated as a lieutenant governor candidate on Andrew Cuomo’s ticket.

Michael Bloomberg lost popularity among Hasidic Jews.

Bloomberg does a rare interview to talk about how much he needs Patti Harris.

Michael Barbaro defends his election night article to Clark Hoyt.

Paul Cosgrave’s name gets floated as one of the commissioners who will be leaving.

Adam Lisberg predicts four more years of Christine Quinn.

Fixing City Hall is more expensive then originally estimated.

Cindy Adams proofreads Kirsten Gillibrand’s press releases.

From a Wall Street Journal book review: “Mrs. Palin emerges as a new style of feminist.”

Famous people are trying to fight the city’s garbage plan.

Pedicab drivers, get your licenses now!

Happy birthday New York Post.

In Florida, Charlie Crist faces conservatives.

MSNBC pressures Barack Obama from the left.

  Morning Read: Concerns About the Trial, Thompson’s Possible Future